Is Rob Gronkowski DENNIS systeming the Pats?

So far he’s:

D- Demonstrated his value by becoming one of the best tight ends ever

E- Engaged them physically with all his Gronk spikes

N- Nurtured their dependence by coming up big in the end of important games (2017 Week 15, 2015 AFCCG)

N- Neglected them emotionally by getting hurt a bajillion times and not reporting to minicamp

I- Inspired hope by coming back this season after retirement talks in the offseason

All that’s left is:

S- Separate entirely

Is a WWE/Movie/Adult film career waiting for Gronk at the end of this season?


Jake Smith Interview

Sorry about the late notice, if you haven’t been following the Twitter then you don’t know that Tony and I interviewed the Harvard starting quarterback. Turns out he is actually a genius and he’s bring BBQ sauce, Chocolate milk and something to play music to a desert island. He’s a good dude. Listen for more.

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